We simply don't believe that it should cost as much as it does to prepare and file the Federal and State Individual Tax Returns. So we started a company to make Tax Professional help available to all.


Americans need tax professionals today more than ever to file their taxes for them. With tax reform and other changes, it can be difficult for individuals and sole proprietors to keep up. That’s why you have us. bluANTS.com was founded in 2017 by a Certified Public Accountant Firm and a team of software developers. We created bluANTS.com because we believe that tax returns should be prepared by tax professionals, and the 1040 TaxPrep services should be affordable. We are an authorized IRS TaxPrep organization and e-file provider. 

At bluaNTS.com, we promise to always get you your maximum tax return at a fraction of the cost with no hidden fees. We work smart to review your documents and ensure that we catch every credit and deduction, so there's no tax refund money left on the table.


Our team of tax professionals treats your return like it's theirs. Backed by over 17 years of experience, we are committed to achieving 100% calculations every time to ensure your maximum tax refund.

Now, what’s more important than your refund? Privacy. Rest assured that your personal information is always SSL-protected.


If you're looking to file taxes online, you couldn't be in a better place than here with our 1040 TaxPrep Pros at bluANTS.com.  

We make tax filing easier by handling your documents for you. Now, you can kiss those days of spending countless hours on filing your tax return goodbye. Get started with bluANTS.com today by simply registering or signing in if you are a return client and upload your documents to your current year's tax file conveniently located in your online client account. Once your tax return is completed by our 1040 TaxPrep Pro and review by both you and the 1040 TaxPrep Pro. You will be billed a fee based on your filing status and level of investments before your federal and state returns are e-filed. Our fees range from $75 to a maximum of $600.  

You can always count on us for the best customer service. You are our #1 priority, and we want to remain your #1 go-to every year to file taxes online.


"Filing taxes online with bluANTS.com was so easy. I was able to upload all of my documents online. They reviewed everything quickly, and my husband and I had our tax return e-filed in no time with no issues."

-Andra Richardson   

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